Artist's Statement

Photography is a four-dimensional art. In addition to the normal three-dimensional world, a photograph represents an instant in time, the fourth dimension. An image is captured in time, as well as space, and it is something different before and after the instant that it is captured. My work is in two main areas: landscape/nature and cultural photography. I enjoy capturing nature and people in their natural elements and finding something new and wonderful. As an artist, my goal is to find something about a scene that no one else sees and record it in a new way or a way that no one else thinks of. If I am successful, then I have what I call an image. So to me, an image is photography as art. A successful image is one that causes the viewer to see something they have never seen before, or to see something familiar in an entirely new way. The image delights and astonishes with a sense of wonder, and it tells a story, drawing the viewer in.

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